California’s new housing bills are about to become law — but not everyone in real estate is happy about it

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Why Was California’s Radical Housing Bill so Unpopular?. to increase the chances something like it could become law in the near future.. environmentalist agrees that the place to build new.

California voters just elected Gavin Newsom as governor. When he takes office in January, unions, the business community and lawmakers will be ready with requests that were unsuccessful under Gov.

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 · What the sweet, soy-dipped intonation does not say: Soon it may not be your home at all. I am driving to ground zero of the collapse of the late, great American dream: a sliver of California’s.

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Two Housing Bills Will Exacerbate California’s Housing Shortage. SB 35 (Wiener) and AB 199 (Chu) make it more costly to build housing by requiring prevailing wages where applicable, pleasing construction unions but making affordable housing less affordable, opines CALmatters political columnist.

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 · Fortunately, California’s strong, pro-housing leadership at the state level is actively making strides to provide cities across the state with the necessary tools to combat such obstacles as made evident by the Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) palpable presence at.

 · Parents should be responsible for paying for their kids food and supplies. Never understood why taxes should pay for it, not everyone has kids. And for those that do, they should be responsible for them. Also, with the way that real estate goes up in certain areas in California, it makes sense to have Prop 13.

The core elements of California’s new building efficiency standards and solar roof requirement are now effectively locked in, but the work that’s required to roll them out is only just beginning.

New California Housing Legislation Signed into law gov. arnold schwarzenegger signed nine housing bills into law this week. One in particular, Senate Bill 94, consumer advocacy groups are calling a clear victory for California’s many troubled homeowners facing foreclosure.