Forged Documents, Fake Titles: Is The Florida Mortgage Mess Only The Tip Of The Iceberg?

Cairncross alleged there was mounting evidence of this, and cited a report in the current issue of Newsweek magazine that documents a handful of instances where donors made repeated small donations.

out of florida: the front-runner january 30, 2008 MCCAIN MAY WIN, ROMNEY CAN’T January 29, 2008 A ‘NO’ TO SLIME — BEHIND KENNEDY’S OBAMA ENDORSE January 29, 2008

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Mortgage Settlement Will Plunge Real Estate Values.. It pointed out that the $26 billion mortgage settlement is only an illusion.. The banks made up and forged documents and then told the court they were authentic. In many cases the bankers were forging "promissory notes."

God damn America for as long as she acts like she is God and she is supreme." Obama strongly denounced these statements and others, and has repeatedly asserted that he only became aware of them.

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WORLD SHOPPING MALL Former NBA player Tate George gets 9 years for running real estate ponzi scheme  · Former NBA player Tate George. was charged with running a $2 million Ponzi scheme, The 43-year-old was able to make $2 million for his company by telling investors that his real-estate.TNC’s native cryptocurrency, the Tokenncoin, will also be used for payment in the Aladdin Shopping Mall, the world’s first.

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Did anyone see the news on Tom that Barbara Olson was found alive in Europe and arrested for the possession of false currency. I would love to know how legitimate this story is, because the.

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