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The U.S. home-improvement industry. “You have to hold onto your home until you get a few extra dollars. Then you can renovate.” Some property owners are stuck in their homes after falling values.

In the beginning, there was the green field. The lead developer, who may have been the only developer, agreed with the product owner (or “the other member of the company” as they were known) what they would build for the first two weeks.

7 Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Home's Exterior Make sure you’re not throwing good money after bad when it comes to modernising property. Whatever house improvement you consider, always ask yourself whether it will add value to your home, so that if you do decide to sell, you get back what you put in – and hopefully a bit extra on top! Here are seven of the best ways to add value to your.

Installing a wood deck is one example of how an exterior improvement can help boost curb appeal, which in turn can up your resale value. Plus, it can increase the "living" space of your home without the typically higher price tag of adding another room-which can cost an average of about $42,000. 3

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Here are three generally bad reasons to take. than a personal loan. A home equity loan is another option. Many financial planners advise tapping your home equity only for things that will increase.

The age-old adage is true – first impressions matter. This is especially true for potential home buyers. If you’re thinking about selling your home, you’re probably looking to add value in any way you can. So, what are a couple of easy things that you could do to improve your home’s market value? Mainly Maintenance

In a hot market, you may be able to stick a sign in your yard and unload your house "as is." Otherwise, selling a home like that could be costly. Here’s how to get top dollar when selling a.

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