Shadow inventory rocked by foreclosure snafu

Think of the consequences: lower property values, lower municipal taxes in fiscally hurting cities, more underwater homeowners who owe more than their homes are worth, more foreclosures, more shadow.

Archive for the ‘shadow inventory’ category shadow inventory projections for 2013 – Modified loans re-default and new foreclosures. The overall household formation equation. Modified mortgages re-enter shadow inventory – By next month the housing crisis will have cost 5,000,000 Americans their homes via foreclosures.

Remember the “shadow” housing inventory? The story was that lenders were sitting on thousands of foreclosed houses just waiting to dump them on the market and make a mess of the housing recovery. Did.

Economists and other housing experts are especially worried about the impact of the so-called “shadow inventory” of homes lurking on the sidelines. The shadow inventory includes foreclosures. a.

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In speaking to some of my friends and relatives who still live there, I learned that the state’s ongoing foreclosure glut has resulted in an interesting phenomenon — a "shadow" inventory of.

Shadow inventory: Sept 24, 2009 - Roseville and Rocklin - Foreclosure Radar There’s been so much talk in the last couple of years about foreclosures I thought everyone would be. it doesn’t come close to the same percentage as exists nationally, so our "shadow inventory".

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Chicago Foreclosure Activity: Defaults Approach New Low. Tweet.. Although foreclosures are fading overall, there has been a notable an [sic] uptick in foreclosures completed by some nonbank.

But the bust intervened, and it sat fallow on the state’s inventory for a decade. dubbed by one observer "Pohl-Brown Town." Pohl first broke out of the business pages and onto the front page with.

As foreclosure. “shadow inventory.” If the homes now in default flood the market, which is a distinct possibility, real estate prices could be further depressed. If potential buyers, who are.

Shadow Inventory: More Houses Will Soon Be Available for Sale.. These resets pose an increased risk for the years ahead, and may lead to more foreclosure inventory in all states.

Naturally, the process kept the market from correcting and added vast numbers of foreclosed homes to the shadow inventory. During this same period. rates up to 12 times greater than the Fed’s rock.